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Wednesday Nov 7,2018


40 walking lunges
20 pullups
40 box jumps, 24/20'
20 ring dips
40 du's
20 toe to bars
40 KBS, 53/35#
20 hang squat cleans, 35/25# dumbells
40 situps
20 wall ball shots, 20/14#
4 rope climbs

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1st15:20Christi Wed,Nov 7,2018
2nd18:24Britney Wed,Nov 7,2018
3rd19:43Kimberly Wed,Nov 7,2018
1st13:54 Luke F Wed,Nov 7,2018
2nd16:10 Chris M Wed,Nov 7,2018
3rd19:00 Enrique Wed,Nov 7,2018

Enrique19:00 Rx
Paul R27:00  K2E
Kelly B22:55  20#db, 26#kb, mod dips
Josh B16:59  35# db, 44kb,grnbnd
Peter28.30  20db,box dips,box p/u
Amber T21:32  single unders x 3 12' box jumps 26# kb 10# db black band pu and dips
Tina23:08  gr band pu, red band dips, 12# db, 26# kb
Blake19:18  blue band dips, knees to elbows
Araceli22:07  gr band pu,blue band dips,26#kb,ttb
Christi15:20  Deload week. Gr band, step ups, Neg dips, DU, k2e, 18# kb, 8#wb, 12 rope walks
Leila27:44  mod..
Luke F13:54 Rx
Chris M16:10 Rx
Kimberly19:43  red band ring dips 15 Dus
Ryley24:12 Rx dips*
Boz23:33  black band PU, 20 BJ, benchdips, 40struggles, k2c, 44kb, 25db, 14wb
Britney18:24  dips,20',boxdips,40#sqt,26#kb,10#wb;40dus
Cathy23:44  Black band/box dips/20du with singles/12'bj/35#kb/20#db clean squt/14#wb/k2c/mod rope
Courtney22:03  Reps 193, 25# thrushers, 18lb kb, knee raises, 8#wallball
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