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Tuesday Oct 30,2018

6:00pm Halloween Party!


Metcon: Time
Warm up:

Acclimate and find working loads.

4x rounds with a 30min cap.
50x Double unders  
10x Front squat (135#/95#)
20x Hollow rocks
10x Burpees
20x Box jumps (24 inch boy and girls)

0% 0%
1st16:32 Seanna Tue,Oct 30,2018
2nd24:10 Christi Tue,Oct 30,2018
3rd28:28 Casey F Tue,Oct 30,2018
1st15:27 Luke F Tue,Oct 30,2018
2nd15:38 Chris M Tue,Oct 30,2018
3rd17:34 Derek W Tue,Oct 30,2018

Enrique21:42 Rx
Derek W17:34 Rx
Paul R25:33  150SU, 115#FS
Kimberly26:33  25 DUs, 75#
Christi24:10 Rx
Patti24:30  RX except 45#front squat
Luke F15:27 Rx 7:30a SOLO WOD :)
Kyle R26:00  3 rds 100SU 115#fs
Seanna16:32 Rx
Tina26:28  1st round struggles the rest 150 singles, 65# front squat, 20” box
Tarrah24:46  65#, 24”, du’s
Casey F28:28 Rx
Chris M15:38 Rx
Rogan18:37 Rx
Scott G22:02  #115
Britney18:30  150s, 55#FS
Bo26:22  135# singles
Ryan22:50 Rx
Lonna26:05  55# FS, singles (DU attempts), boxed burp (stitches), 24' box jump
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