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Thursday Oct 4,2018

Welcome George & Maziet
Luke F
225# TARRAH!!!! Beast Mode!

Thank you, thank you!  (I’m bowing dramatically.)

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Max: Weight
White board
min 0-5

General warm up
min 5-15

WOD specific warm up and skill session
min 15-35

Back squat
Minimum of 2 min rest between sets.
Round 1 with 5reps, starts @80% of your 1reps max.

Cool down/mobility
min 50-finish

0% 0%
1st225 Tarrah Thu,Oct 4,2018
2nd195# Crystal F Thu,Oct 4,2018
3rd155# Kimberly Thu,Oct 4,2018
1st335# Luke F Thu,Oct 4,2018
2nd305# Robert S Thu,Oct 4,2018
Bo Thu,Oct 4,2018
3rd265# Rogan Thu,Oct 4,2018
Chris M Thu,Oct 4,2018

Amber T145# Rx
Robert S305# Rx
Luke F335# Rx
Bo305# PR Rx
Tina115# Rx
Rogan265# Rx
Chris M265 Rx
Kimberly155# Rx
Tarrah225 Rx
Jo135# Rx
Crystal F195# Rx
Boz205 Rx
Vaughn215 Rx
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