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Tuesday Oct 2,2018

Happy Birthday Kurtis
Gymversary Jo-1


Metcon: Rounds
White Board
min 0-5

General warm up
min 5-15

Workout specific warm up and skill session.
min 15-35

12min EMOM
Every minute on the minute for 12min.
5x Box jump (20/inch)
7x Sumo Deadlift high pull (75#/55#)
9x Push press (75#/55#)

Cool down /Mobility
min 50-Finish

0% 0%
1st12 Jillian D Tue,Oct 2,2018
2nd10 Christi Tue,Oct 2,2018
3rd9 Seanna Tue,Oct 2,2018
1st12 Luke F Tue,Oct 2,2018
Chris M Tue,Oct 2,2018
2nd11 Bryan Tue,Oct 2,2018
Rogan Tue,Oct 2,2018
3rd9 Bo Tue,Oct 2,2018

Paul RRx 75#
Kelly B10  35#; steps
Josh B11  65#
Patti10  35#
Cady12  35# step ups
Enrique10  65#
Sarah Y #45
Bryan11 Rx
Christi10 Rx
Casey FRx
Rogan11 Rx
Luke F12 Rx
Chris M12 Rx
Jo 35#
Jillian D12 Rx
Britney12  35#
Ryley11  65#
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Seanna 2:32pm
Love the lesson plan outline!!! 🙌