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Friday, Sep 14

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Metcon: Time

Work up to 80% of your 1rep max on Back squat.

For time
Run 400m
25x Pull-ups
50x Hang power snatch (75#/55#)
25x Toes to bar
Run 400m

100% 0%
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Enrique12:06 Rx skill:185#
Lyberti14:13  15lb-blk bnd pu-knee up
Peter17:29  55#toe 2 rig row
Ted15:30  65#, grbd
Blake15:05 Rx
Tina17:11  45# ps, black band pu
Seanna13:24 Rx
Mercedes14:00 Rx
Leila16:32; 45#, RR,knee to chest  skill 115# PR
Courtney12:18  25#, black band, 15 toes to bar?10 knees to elbow
Sarah Yag12:19  #35 kc gb
Luke F7:44 Rx #285 BS 3 rep max
Quimby13:26 Rx
Chris M9:59 Rx
Brooke14:20  mod t2b, banded pullups
Boz12:15  blk bnd/55#/k2c
Casey Mil10:44  Green/45#/K2E (Skill: 145# BS)
Jim Z15:30  45 psc, rings pu
Charlee13:15  Banded pu/35#, 105# squat
Kimberly15:00 Rx
Andrea S16:54?  45/50# HPS p/o band pu
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