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Baseline on Sep 25, 2018 (301 days ago)

Friday, Aug 31


Chipper: Time-Rx2

6 Round Tabata:
Wall balls 20/14

For time
40x Pull-ups (20# vest) If you have one.
30x Box jump (24/20inch)
35x KB swing (53/44)
30x Push-press (75/55)
35x Sumo deadlift high pull (75/55)
50x Double unders
50x Sit-ups
35x Wall Balls (20/14)
10x Tire flips

S1 performance:
40x Banded Pull-ups
30x Box jumps (24/20)
35x KB swings (44/35)
30x push-press (75/55)
35x Sumo dead lift high pull (75/55)
150x Single skips
50x Sit-ups
35x Wall balls (14/10)
5x Tire flips

S2 Conditioning:
40x Banded pull-ups or Ring Rows
30x Box step-ups
35x KB swings (26/18)
30x Push-press (75/55)
35x Sumo deadlift high pull 45/35
50x Single skips
50x Sit-ups
20x Wall-balls 10/8
1x Tire flip

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

EddieNS  Not Rx
Luke WNS  Not Rx
Kelly B20:50  s1; 26#kb, 35#bar, bsteps
Josh B18:40  grnPU, 44KB, 65PP/SDHP, 14 WB, Big Tire
Casey Mil24:20  Green/24/45/14/Small tire
Peter27:10  ring/12/35/10/small tire
Enrique20:56 Rx
Paul R23:50  BB, 65# 35#KB
ClydeNS  Not Rx
LybertiAwesome Sauce!!  Not Rx
Mark21:15  40pu/30 step-ups/35 hallow r/30pp65#/20 wipers/50 push-ups/50su/35wb8#/10 rollouts/ AND 10 tireflips
Amber T24:23  26#kb squats for du 12 step ups 35# bar
Tina23:37  black band pu, 45# pp & sdhp, 26# kb, 10# wb
Casey F19:48  pp35/ring row/26kb/10wb
Rogan18:38 Rx 20# vest
Jim Z28:45  26kb, 45# bar, ring pu, leg raises
Quimby22:40  singles, rest was rx weight, weight time for tire flips
Crystal F17:16  35# / 18# KB / Dubs / ring rows/ 10#wb/ step ups / 2 tire flips
Boz22:53  ring row/20 in./44kb/55pp&sumo/150/14wb/5flips
Jo20:45  Black band, 26#kb, 35#, struggle unders, 10# wb, 1 flip
Cathy21:23 (PR)  55#/35#/14#/singles/stepups/purple band/10 tire flips
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