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Thursday, Aug 30

Welcome Andy

14165 Rx

Metcon: Time

RX: Practice ring and bar muscle ups.
S1: 3x10 Strict pull up, ring dips.
S2: 3x10 Banded strict pull up, and banded ring dips

5 rounds
KB swings 60-40-20-40-60x (53#/36#)
Push-ups 40-20-10-20-40x
Pull-ups 20-10-5-10-20x

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Eddie31:58  44# KB
Enrique27:26 Rx Skill: 3 ring muscle up 3 bar mu
Paul R28:28  35#KB, Banded PU
Mark23:20  35#kb
Britney20  26#KB,KPU,Ring-PU
Tina33:17  26#, knee pu, black band pull up
Bo31:38  scaled
Amber T31:58  purple band 26#kb knee pu
Debbie32:28 Rx muscle ups 4 BB & 4 GB
Andrea S32:18  35#-26# KB, banded PU
Sage33:27  18# box purple band
Kimberly34:24  knee pu
Leila27:16  4rds, mod.
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