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Tuesday, Aug 28

Welcome Scott G


Metcon: Reps

3 rounds not for time of:
5x Strict HSPU
5x Strict ring dips
5x Strict chest to bar pull-ups

12 min AMRAP
30x DUs
20x Box jumps 24/20
10x KB swings (53#/44#)

Modifications will be on the white-board.

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TodayAll Time

Enrique4+50 Rx
Britney4 +98  Singles, 26#KB, 24 in
Andrea S360  60 SU
Tina4+33  Singles, 35#kb
Rogan5+20 Rx
Boz3+73  S1
Jo3+72  singles, 26#kb
Sage single, steps at 3rd rep, 26lb
Charlee4+45  singles, 26#
Araceli3+80  Singles, 35# kb
Casey F3+59  #26 kb
Kimberly5 rds  Singles 26#
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