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Thursday Jul 12,2018

Welcome Alex L & Vaughn
Metcon: 16110120817/SHRED


Metcon: Time
Warm up:

5 rounds
4x Push press (135#/105#)
15x Burpees
6x Pull-ups
6x Toes to bar
10x Box jumps (30'/24')
25 min cap.

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Tina22:07  65#, green band pu, knees to chest, 20' box jump
Amber T24:50 20 box purple band struggle to bar  quit pressuriong me.
Sarah Yag18:25  #45, GB, knee raises
Kimberly22:03  65# 20'
Bo16:14  Scaled
Maria T22:45  55# black band 20' box (in the sun) haha
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