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Monday Jul 2,2018

Josh L
Welcome Josh L
Metcon: 14104 RXMetcon: 180702/SHRED

14104 RX

Metcon: Rounds

For time
30x Curtis Press (95#)
(1x Curtis Press = 1x hang power clean + 1x right leg lunge + 1x left leg lunge + 1x push-press)

Max rounds in 15 minutes
25x Wall ball (20#/14#)
40x Abmat sit-ups
5x Ring dips
10x Shuttle run

0% 0%
TodayAll Time

Cady1+75  Green banded ring dips
Enrique2+70 Rx
Lyberti1+75  10ib wb black band
Martha V1+78  10#wb/green band
Casey FDNF Rx 79 reps skill 65#
Quimby1+32  mod ring dips
Molly WB10
Kylie1 round +70  65# curtis press, 14# WB
Debbie1+70  skill 10:05 / blue band
Brooke banded ring dips, skill rx
Cayla Skill 55#
Marcos1 + 38 Rx
Luke F1+72 Rx Shuttle up and shuttle down...
Crystal F1 + 20  (Shuttle: 100 reps and mod ring dips)
Cathy1 + 70 +165M  15# Thrusters/13# KB/Box Dips/1600M Row
Britney1+65  8#WB mod dips
TinaDNF  79 reps Green band dips, 65# skill
Rogan1+66 Rx
Mark1+6 Rx
Jo1+5  10#wb, mod dips
Josh L1+21 Rx
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