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Tuesday Jun 5,2018

180605 - SHRED180605

180605 - SHRED


Skill: Pull-Up Practice
Rx: Kipping
Scaled: Strict Pull-ups

AMRAP in 20 minutes:

“Water Pump”
5 Strict Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Calorie Row

0% 0%
1st9+11 Christi Tue,Jun 5,2018
2nd7+27 Casey F Tue,Jun 5,2018
3rd11Sarah Yag Tue,Jun 5,2018
1st10 Ryan Tue,Jun 5,2018
2nd7+27 Ryley Tue,Jun 5,2018
3rd5+5 Enrique Tue,Jun 5,2018

Ryley7+27 Rx
Enrique5+5 Rx 20# vest /run
Patti7+11  KB 35#, Run, Row
Casey Mic banded PU and P-U, mix row, KB and run.
Robert S8+15  Purple band
Ariel9+4  RXish part strict part kipping
Christi9+11 Rx
Tina7+15  Green band, knee pu
Tonya s1 ring pulls, mod pushup
Zann s1 ring pulls, mod pushup
Maria T scaled
Sarah Yag11  scaled
Casey F7+27 Rx
Kylie7+5  scaled
Ryan10 Rx Russian KB Swings 53lbs
Raysha Black band, PU
Courtney10+5  Black band, knee push-ups, 18 kb
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