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Friday May 4,2018

Happy Birthday Ryan
Metcon: 180504171009 SHRED


Metcon: Rounds

Dynamic warm up:

Acclimate to the movements and find the proper working loads for the WOD.

Max rounds in 18 minutes
6x Ground to overhead (135#/95#)
Run 200m
6x Burpee box jumps (24/20')
46x Double unders

Score will be rounds only.  Extra reps will not be scored.

0% 0%
1st4 Jillian D Fri,May 4,2018
2nd3 Tarrah Fri,May 4,2018
3rd2 Christi Fri,May 4,2018
Casey F Fri,May 4,2018
1st6 Luke F Fri,May 4,2018
Chris M Fri,May 4,2018
2nd4 Derek W Fri,May 4,2018
Mark Fri,May 4,2018
3rd3 Enrique Fri,May 4,2018

Chuvonne3rds 16:11  New
Martha V 55#/stepup burpees/struggle unders
Ashley 35/24/singles
Casey Mic 45# snatch, 20 box, struggle unders
Derek WRx
RyleyNS  NS
Patti 55# Du
Kelly B 55#
Josh B 75#, SU,
ClydeNS  NS
Ted 75# su
Mercedes 85#
Araceli singles, 55#
Blake Singles, 95#
Angela M needed DU , 65#
Bo singles 95#
Penny 55# singles
Cady 65# DU
Sarah Y 35# single 14 mins
Cayla S1
Kylie4+ 3 ground to overhead  S1 18 min, 65#
Debbie75# G2O, DU  S1
ColinRx 20#vest, 30'box jump
Casey FRx
Chris MRx
Maria T Not Rx
Quimby 95#,singles
Marcos 95#, singles 138
Boz 95#/3x singles
Luke FRx
Crystal F 65#
Casey Mil 65(Squat Snatch)/20/Singles
Emily P 65 lbs snatch
Jillian DRx
Britney 65#FS/24/138singles
Erin Hen 202
Cherity180 total reps  ring rows, mod burpees
Cathy 25#Thrusters/300M row/6 box pu stepups/singles
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Mark 10:39am
Happy birthday Ryan!!

Casey F 10:52am
Happy birthday to you 🎶

Luke F 1:19pm

Crystal F 1:48pm
Hope you have  great birthday!!!

Britney 4:12pm
Happy Birthday Ryan!!

Ariel 8:05pm
Happy Birthday! Thanks for an awesome workout!!