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Monday Apr 9,2018

Metcon: 180409/SHREDMetcon: 180409Other Posted Results


Metcon: Time
Warm up:

Review the movements of this WOD.

For time
Use two KBs for all weighted movements.
12x KB swing
12x Snatch
12x Clean & jerk
12x Bent rows
12x Burpees
12x High pulls
12x Mountain climbers
12x Sotts press
12x Suitcase swings
12x Push-ups on KB handle

0% 0%
1st8:29 Kimberly Mon,Apr 9,2018
2nd16:06Camille Mon,Apr 9,2018
1st9:40 Bryan Mon,Apr 9,2018
2nd11:33Tim Mon,Apr 9,2018

Kimberly8:29 Rx 18#
Bryan9:40 Rx 35lbkb 20lbdbscottpress
Camille16:06  9#X2, Burpees/MC Step Outs, HP 9#, Knee Box PU
Tim11:33  Knees PU