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Tuesday Feb 13,2018

Cardio: 171011180213Readiness: 180213 prep


Cardio: Time
Warm up:

Find a heavy deadlift for the day.
Reviewing technique and form of the movements.

Run 200m
21x Burpee box jumps 24/20
21x Double unders
Run 200m
15x Burpee box jumps
15x Double unders
Run 200m
9x Burpee box jumps
9x Double unders

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Patti9:21  Singles
Molly12:13  su
Christi10:10 Rx
Bo11:03  Singles
Angela M12:12  Sit-ups 3:54, singles
Kylie10 min, single jump rope  skill: 100 sit-ups; 4:02
Araceli9:30  singles, steps ups burpee- skill russian twist; 2:09
Enrique7:49 Rx skill:3:19
Luke F7:21 Rx
Ariel9:23 Rx 100 sit ups for time skill 3:11
Crystal F9:36  Step ups
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