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Thursday Feb 8,2018

Cardio: 171220 SHREDMetcon: 180208

171220 SHRED

Cardio: Reps
Warm up:

Interval training
1:00 minute at each station.
:30 seconds of rest and transition.
3x rounds for max reps
Double unders
Hollow rocks

Fight gone SHRED
3x rounds
1:00 minute at each station.
Mountain climbers
Ad mat sit ups
Box jumps 20''boys and gals
KB swings (35#/26#)
Row for cals

0% 0%
TodayAll Time

Casey Mic372  Skill: 142 + DU/Singles x 3 rounds. WOD: 18# KB
Alexander L300  Not Rx
Kelly B369 Rx skill:321 (564w/singles)
Patti425 Rx
Enrique382 Rx skill: 308
Josh B372 Rx
Cady331 Rx skill: 503 singles
Araceli521, step ups,russian twist, 26 kB  skill 619, singles
Kylie372; KB #26  skill!: 522
Debbie479 Rx Skill 322 RX
Leila189 mod  skill 368
Bo307  490 skill
Quimby489 Rx
Christi531 Rx
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