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Tuesday Jan 2,2018

Happy Birthday Debbie
Cardio: 14074/ SHREDMetcon: 17074

14074/ SHRED

Cardio: Time
Warm up:  

Skill:1600m run/row for time  
4 laps around block.

Butt 'n abs Annie
5 rounds
50-40-30-20-10x reps
Walking lunge steps
RX+: Add Doubles unders and do half the lunges walking in reverse.

0% 100%
TodayAll Time

Cady13:37  skill 9:04
Enrique10:09 Rx skill 7:10 track
Casey Mic11:17  Skill: track-9:36
Kelly B13:47  skill: 8:40 track
Debbie10:45 Rx Skill 7:08 / WOD 15# plate
Kylie11:37  skill 6:37
Angela M13:06  skill 8:something row
Araceli7:59  russian twist, skill 7:12
Shannon6:20  11:37 situps/lunges
Luke F9:00 Rx 6:24 run 4 laps
Dominique14.20  8:56
Penny13.50  7:50 row
Leila22:36  9:56run
Cathy10:20 Rx row 7:14
Jo12:54 Rx run 7:35
Crystal F11:12  4 laps= 7:43
Chez11:11  Not Rx
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