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Thursday Nov 30,2017

Welcome Kylie
Metcon: 171130 SHREDMetcon: 17070

171130 SHRED

Metcon: Time
Dynamic Warm up:

3x rounds of
Plank Hold curcit
:40 seconds of work
:20 seconds of rest
Plank hold
Side plank (Both sides)
Hollow hold  
Super man hold

3 rounds for time
Row 250m  
+ 50x wall ball (up to 20#, 11')  
+ 5x strict pull-ups or ring rows

0% 0%
1st16:10Jo Thu,Nov 30,2017
2nd16:15Christi Thu,Nov 30,2017
3rd19:20Patti Thu,Nov 30,2017
1st14:54 Luke F Thu,Nov 30,2017
2nd17:06 Enrique Thu,Nov 30,2017

Patti19:20  WB10#,banded strict pu
Enrique17:06 Rx wb#14/strict pu
Casey Mic17:46  WB#8/ring rows
Luke F14:54 Rx
Christi16:15  14#WB, blue band
Raysha21:46  purple band pull ups
Ariel16:11  14#, blue band
Leila21:34  s2
Chez17:37  #10 40/40/40
Steve17:15  S2 50/40/40 @14
Jo16:10  8#, Ring rows
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