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Tuesday Nov 28,2017

Cardio: 171128 SHREDMetcon: 17069

171128 SHRED

Cardio: Time
Dynamic warm up:

For max reps
3x rounds
1:00 at each station
:30 sec of rest/transition
Row for cals
Wall walks
Airdyn strokes

3 rounds
2:00 rest between
AMRAP 5 minutes of  
20x mountain climbers  
10x toes to bar  
5x handstand push-ups

0% 0%
1stWOD1,381Araceli Tue,Nov 28,2017
2ndWOD1 622 singlesCathy Tue,Nov 28,2017
3rd428,singlesLeila Tue,Nov 28,2017
1stwod1 536/ wod2 7+24Enrique Tue,Nov 28,2017

Enriquewod1 536/ wod2 7+24  box push-ups
Patti598;10  Singles:knees to chest,box pu
Casey Mic700;10+3  singles; PU with knees on box
Flower11+32  skill: 720RX, WOD: 1st rnd RX, then mod T2B, HSPU RX whole time
Angela M320;7+10  singles;toes and knees
Steve337 s1  7 s1
Raysha421  8 mod toes, push up
AraceliWOD1,381  WOD2,8rnds S1
Penny510  5 plu 10 push ups(not handstand)
Leila428,singles  #2 WOD 9, mod.
Hannah R10  s1
CathyWOD1 622 singles  Wod2 10 +60reps /Vups/box hspu
Britney598 singles  12 V-ups
Shannon456 singles  12+27 v-ups
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