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Monday Nov 27,2017

Metcon: 171126 SHREDMetcon: 17068

171126 SHRED

Metcon: Time
Dynamic warm up:

2 rounds
Burpee broad jumps down and back
25x Pull-ups
Walking lunge down and back
50x Box jumps (20 inch)
4x Sprint (25m)
40x Double-unders
Bear crawl down and back
20x Knees to elbows

0% 0%
1st22:19Jo Mon,Nov 27,2017
1st25:30Ryley Mon,Nov 27,2017

Michaela24:17  Ring rows, single jump rope, 1/2 box jump 1/2 step-ups
Alethea23:33  banded pu, sgls, knee to elbow
Jo22:19  Rings PU, 16' Box, Singles X3
Jason C23:00  purple ban pull up, toe too bar on the ground, half jump half step on boxd
Faleen33:20  mod
Alex S40:45 Rx Killer
Ryley25:30  grn band PU, singles
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