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Tuesday Oct 10,2017

Happy Birthday Amber T
Cardio: 171010 SHREDMetcon: 17054

171010 SHRED

Cardio: Time
Warm up:

5x rounds
1:00min of work.
:30 of rest
KB swings

3 rounds
Run 400m
25m Burpee broad jumps
25m Walking lunges
25m Burpee broad jumps
25m Bear crawl

0% 0%
1st10:59Patti Tue,Oct 10,2017
2nd11:15Cady Tue,Oct 10,2017
3rd13:10Kelly B Tue,Oct 10,2017
1st8:30Enrique Tue,Oct 10,2017

Kelly B13:10  #18 KB
Patti10:59  #26 KB
Cady11:15  Not Rx
Ylva13:12 Rx row
Enrique8:30  Not Rx
Angela26:26  Skill: 26# & 18#
Rebekah30:00  2 rounds +250m row
Amanda Hdnf  2 rounds+bear crawls
Araceli24:53  SKILL #26 KB
Raysha30:00  totally modified
CathyDNF  Did all 3 rds, Skill 35#KB
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