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Friday Oct 6,2017

Chipper,Metcon: 15023Other Posted Results


Chipper,Metcon: Time-Rx2

Find your 1 rep max of Hang clean:

For time
25x Pull-ups
50x Deadlifts 135/95
50x Push-ups
50x Box jumps 24/20
50x Push-press 45/35
50x Thrusters 45/35
25x Pull-ups
50x Sit-ups

WOD Performance:
For time
25x Pull-ups W/bands
50x Deadlifts (115/85)
50x Push-ups
50x Box jumps (20)
50x Push-press (45/35)
50x Thrusters (45/35)
25x Pull-ups W/bands
50x Sit-ups

WOD Conditioning:
25x Pull-ups W/bands Or ring rows
50x Deadlifts (95/65)
50x Push-ups
50x Box Step-ups (20'')
50x Push-press (35/15)
50x Thrusters (35/15)
25x Pull-ups W/bands Or ring rows
50x Sit-ups

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TodayAll Time

Rogan23:10 Rx
Casey Mic25:00  Skill 75#, WOD: 65#DL, 35# PP, 15# thruster, banded
Patti31:00  s1
Enrique28  s1
Julia24:00  Mod
Josh30:00  S1
Kelly B27:00  Mod
Ylva25  S1
Cady27:00  s1 banded
Casey MilN/A  Skill: 115#
Flower13:00?  Some banded pull ups, sub v-ups for push ups/skill135#
Chez22:51 Rx2 purple band, 45 DL,
Mercedes23:29  #95 #35#35 20 skill #85
Maegan W23:52 Rx2 green band, 45 push press/thrusters
AngelaDNF  #75,#55,#35,#15,mod pulls,43 sits
Penny23:40  Not Rx
Debbie20:04 Rx
BoNo show  Not Rx
Ryan27:08 Rx
Marthadnf  Not Rx
Crystal F24:27  85 DL/ 35# / mod su's and ring rows(105#hang clean)
Zack24:04 Rx
Cathy23:22  Not Rx
Chris M17:02 Rx 195 hang clean
Tarrah25:00  145# hang clean
Ariel23:28 Rx
Colin14:08 Rx
Britney21:50  S1- skill:85#
Kimberly23:15 Rx
Quimby23:50  85#, 35#, mod push ups, skill: 130#
Camille31:22  Ring Ups, #25, Box Push Ups, Step Ups, #15
ShannonN/A  Good workout!
Casey FNo show  Not Rx
JoaquinN/A  Nice work tonight
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Casey Mil 11:31am