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Monday Oct 2,2017

Welcome Jo
Cardio: 171002 SHREDMetcon: 17049Other Posted Results

171002 SHRED

Cardio: Time

5 rounds
10x Pull-ups
20x Burpees
10x Toes to bar
20x Sit-ups

0% 0%
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AlastairN/A  Not Rx
TracyN/A  dog duty
JoN/A  winning
Cherityno show  Not Rx
Alethea17.50  Blue Band, 10 burpees, 10 knee raises, 15 situps
Chez18:45  purple band, box with burpee
Gretchen HaN/A  Like a boss
Maegan Wno show  Not Rx
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Ryan 8:17am
I feel you should workout today.  Just saying.