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Saturday Sep 30,2017

10:00am Flower Moye's Rowing Seminar

Cardio: 170929 SHREDMetcon: CFN Saturday throw down 21#

170929 SHRED

Cardio: Reps

WOD: Part1  
For max reps  
8 minute TIME CAP  
25x Box jumps (20'')  
25x Box jumps (24'')  
25x Box jumps (30''/24'')  
Max reps wall ball (20#/14#)  

Then 2 min rest and start  

WOD: part 2  
For max reps  
9 minute TIME CAP  
7 rounds of Cindy (5x Pull-ups  
10x Push-ups  
15x Squats)  
Run 400m  
Max reps burpees

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