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Monday Aug 7,2017

Cardio: 15150 SHREDOther Posted Results

15150 SHRED

Cardio: Time

Where going to take some time to work on mobility.

For time
Run 1600m
100x Push-ups
Run 800m
75x Squats
Run 400m
50x Sit-ups
Run 200m

S1/S2 Performance, Conditioning:
For time
Run 1600m
80x Push-ups
Run 800m
65x Squats
Run 400m
50x Sit-ups
Run 200m

0% 0%
TodayAll Time

Enrique22:17 Rx
Luke F19:12 Rx
Casey Mil28:50  Mod Situps/Squats/T2B
Patti29:11 Rx
Casey Mic26:22  Scaling
Flower22:51 Rx
Dave D24:45 Rx
Eric G29:40  S1
Chris M23:20 Rx
Mark21:52 Rx
Shannon24:49  Knee pushups
Derek W19:20 Rx
Rogan23:35 Rx
Zack29:33 Rx
Noelle22:55  Mod pushups
Julie G28:12  S2
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Mark 11:11am
Great job Enrique. Way to Rx today!! Great time too
Enrique 3:55pm
Thanks Mark

Luke F 8:05pm
Derek Wallace coming out SWINGING! Nice pace dude!
Derek W 11:48pm