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Wednesday Aug 2,2017


Chipper: Time-Rx2

Wall balls 20/14

For time
40x Pull-ups (20# vest) If you have one.
30x Box jump (24/20inch)
35x KB swing (53/44)
30x Push-press (75/55)
35x Sumo deadlift high pull (75/55)
50x Double unders
50x Sit-ups
35x Wall Balls (20/14)
10x Tire flips

S1 performance:
40x Banded Pull-ups
30x Box jumps (24/20)
35x KB swings (44/35)
30x push-press (75/55)
35x Sumo dead lift high pull (75/55)
150x Single skips
50x Sit-ups
35x Wall balls (14/10)
5x Tire flips

S2 Conditioning:
40x Banded pull-ups or Ring Rows
30x Box step-ups
35x KB swings (26/18)
30x Push-press (75/55)
35x Sumo deadlift high pull 45/35
50x Single skips
50x Sit-ups
20x Wall-balls 10/8
1x Tire flip

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Enrique22:54 S1  S1 ( SKILL 80 )
Casey Mil24:40  (20/35/45/Mixed/14)
Debbie23:03 Rx Skill 70 wb
Brooke25:05  S 1 step ups
Cayla23:30  S1
Quimby21:50  Singles, Rx everything else
Colin18:45 Rx With 20#vest
Beth26:12  45# barbell, 36#kb, big tire
Cathy23:19  55#/35#KB/Purple Band & Ring (20 Each)/Singles/10 tires (Skill 76 @ 14#WB)
Chris M18:00  No vest
Julie G27:40  RR,35#
Mark23:45 Rx 20# vest
Derek W25:50 Rx Vest all the way.
Luke FDNF at 18:05 with vest. Puked before situps. Rx
Kimberly25:24 Rx
Rogan24:25  No vest, Rx everything else
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Mark 2:02pm
Hey Colin. Great job. Did u use vest for whole workout or just pullups?
Luke F 9:04pm
Vest for the whole thing