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Monday Apr 15,2019

Gymversary Noelle-5
Ryan let me do the programming this week :)  I thought it would be fun to do powerlifting totals, so we will be doing bench on Tuesday, backsquat on Wednesday, and deads on Thursday (in addition to the WOD.)  If you come wod all three days, you’ll have a powerlifting total to post to a second WOD Blog tab on Thursday named “powerlifting totals.”

I’m going to share some information about barbell that many of you know but some of you do not. When we use the term Olympic lifting, that only refers to snatch and clean and jerk. Snatch and clean and jerk are the only two barbell moves performed in the Olympics. The term Olympic lifting is used synonymously with the term weightlifting.  In the Olympics, athletes perform both lifts, and the combined total is their score.

Powerlifting refers to back squat, deadlift, and benchpress.  At powerlifting meets, the max weight performed in each lift is combined to produce the athletes “powerlifting total,” which is the athletes score.


Metcon: Time

Jump rope Tabata
3x8 (go thru all 8 moves 3 times through)
Each 20 second interval, practice the following jump rope techniques

1 basic
2 alternate foot jumps
3 boxer step
4 high knees
5 jump rope jacks
6 criss-cross
7 side swing
8 backwards

(For details/videos of these jump rope techniques, go to


12 minute AMRAP, For rounds (in score, only post rounds)

4 pistols, must alternate
8 OHS 115/85#
12 burpees

0% 0%
1st3 Casey F Mon,Apr 15,2019
2nd4 Seanna Mon,Apr 15,2019
3rd3Cathy Mon,Apr 15,2019
Sarah Yag Mon,Apr 15,2019
1st8 Luke F Mon,Apr 15,2019
Chris M Mon,Apr 15,2019
2nd3Boz Mon,Apr 15,2019
3rd4Luke W Mon,Apr 15,2019
Oli Mon,Apr 15,2019
Pete F Mon,Apr 15,2019

Kelly B 55#, small box; skill 144 du, 4+2
Pete F 95# / assisted pistols, 4+16
Enrique 5+3 95#
PattiNS  NS
SeannaRx 4+21
Josh B 95# box pistols
TedThe  Dude
Jennifer RaYoga  Master
Debbie 75# bar rest RX, 4+17
Sarah Yag #65 mod pistol squats, 4 ps rx, 3+9
Oli 95#ohs, assisted pistols, 4+2
Tina Mod pistols, 45#
Sarah Yar Pistols and pistols with support, 55# OHS, 4+4
Casey FRx 3+5
Bryan pistol, 5+3
Chris MRx
Tiffany V5 +  trainer bar / mod pistols
Julie G3 +20  #65
Maria T 45# mod pistols
Quimby5+4  65#
Annika5+10  20#
Luke W 55#, 4+16
Luke FRx Almost died
Britney6 + 8  45#;grn band pistol
Crystal F5 + 10  55# OHS -mod pistols box help
Mark5+4  65#/ 3/4+ down on pistols
Clyde12  3 rounds at 85lbs
Cathy 35# OHS/mod pistols black band (3+22)
Boz 65#OHS, box pistols (3+14)
Results Posted: 29
Ryan 8:00pm

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