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Tuesday Apr 17,2018

Gymversary Tim-1 & Camille-1 & Crystal F-1 & Mercedes-1 & Penny-1
Amber T
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New you class1

Metcon: Reps
Review form and mechanics of squat  

Skill:  Learn the 3 part squat series.  Technical skill is OHS.  

RX: 15 min.
S1: 12 min.
S2: 10 min.

30x Single skips with a jump rope
10x Air-squats  
5x Burpees

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TodayAll Time

Cynthia S3+40  Single
Patti6+30  Dus,12# squats 15 mins
Martha V strugle unders /kb18# air squads
EnriqueRx 35# dumbbell/double unders
Leila5+15  15min,18#air squats
Araceli10 Rx
Bo9+23  Singles
Jillian D 105
Cristy10 Rx
Kelly B9+38 Rx 2 10# dumbbells; singles
Casey F5 rd  95# RX rest
CJ4 or 5 rotasns in 15 min  modified burpees
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Ryan 6:53am
HBD! Klink.

Ryan 6:54am
Congrats gang on your gymversary.