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Tuesday Jan 30,2018

Cardio: 121117Metcon: 15165


Cardio: Time
Warm up:

4x rounds for max reps.
1:00 Minute of work
:30 Rest
KB swings (44#/26#)
Toes 2 bar

3 rounds
30x Burpee-broad jumps (width of mat)
30x Reverse walking lunge
15 Pull-ups
15 Sit-ups

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Patti2+30  Banded Skill 434
Enrique19:21 Rx skill:359 rx
Casey Mic2+15  Skill:797- 18#KB, KTC, singles
Josh B2+30  skill44# kb 287; pull ups used green band after 10
ChristiDNF/2+64 Rx Skill 323 Rx
Angela MDNF Rx 2 + 20, skill 200
Araceli19:01 blue band pull ups  skill 707, singles, 26# kb mod toes to bar
DebbieDNF / 2+89 Rx skill 230, 35#KB
Raysha19:59 mod black band  skill 712 mod toe touch, single jump, 18#KB
Kylie3 rounds 19:33,black band PU  skill 397, 26# kB, mod toes to bar
Ariel19:07 Rx 398 skill RX
Luke F16:43 Rx 400 skill
Casey F19:50 Rx Skill 174 rx
CathyDNF /2+50  26#/black band/reduced 20 burpee/k2c skill 766 singles
Kelly B2+15  black band, knees to chest; skill 329,18#kb
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