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Friday Jan 12,2018


Metcon: Time

Go over the bear complex.

13 rounds
7-6-5-4-3-2-1-2-3-4-5-6-7x reps
Bear complex (65#/45#)
Burpee box jumps (20 inch)
Burpee pull-ups

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TodayAll Time

Enrique39:14 Rx
Kelly B40:00  all rounds but final 7
Flower27:11 Rx
Jennifer Ra38:30  35# down ladder 15# up ladder, step ups, banded pull-up
Josh B40:00  65#, 12 rounds +3
Kylie31:31  13 rds, bear complex 35#,rx box jumps, purple band PU
Molly36:41  ring pu 35# bar step up box
Casey F38:12 Rx
BoDNF  S1 65#
Araceli34:35  step ups,35#black band pu
Debbie37:02 Rx 65#decend/45#accend
LeilaDNF 13rds mod  finished 12rds mod.
Luke F22:04 (1:26 PR) Rx
Bryan29:06 Rx
Quimby31:09 Rx
Chris M23:01 Rx
Cathy34:46  45#/burpee steps/pull up only no burpee
Crystal F37:40 ?  45# / step ups / burpees & black band Pu's
Colin22:34 Rx 24' box jumps
Boz34:37  55#/step ups
Ariel28:59 Rx
Noelle33:49 Rx
Christine38:56  !!!!!!!omFg; 45#; Step ups; burpee pull ups with 2 45# weights stacked to jump; forgot to clap Clapp
Martha V39:39  ring deep
Derek W32:41 Rx
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