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Tuesday Oct 24,2017

Cardio: 171024 SHREDCardio: 17058

171024 SHRED

Cardio: Time
Warm up:

We will being going over the movements and their standards.

3 rounds
21-15-9x reps
Box jumps (24/20 inch)
Toes to bar

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TodayAll Time

Casey Mic18:50  Black band PU, Green Band Dips, KTC.
Enrique23:45 Rx
Zack18:44  blue bnd dips
Britney16:26  S2
Derek W20:20 Rx
Rebekah17:55  pull ups, step ups, floor toes up
Amanda H18:35  mod dips,mod t2b
Seanna14:17  blue band dips
Araceli17:32  S1, step ups
Ariel17:32  banded dips
Angela M18:11  banded pull & dips
Luke F13:17 Rx
Alethea15:52  blue band pu, knees to chest,
Steve19:05  S2
Jo14:32  ring pull ups,step up box, box dips, hanging crunches instead of toe to bar
Cathy17:34  Not Rx
Tarrah24:49  reg t2b, green band pu & dip
Boz23:18  black band, 20in. jumps, box dips, k2elbows
Tim20:38  ring pull ups, box dips, knee ups
Camille20:48  Step Out Burpees, Ring Ups, Step Ups, Box Dips, Floor T2B
Kimberly19:31  lil blue dips
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