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Wednesday Jul 12,2017

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Max: Reps

1 Mile run for time.  Must be the Murph mile.  Post your score to your personal profile.  (If you don't know how...ask a trainer!)


Gymnastic totals

Add total seconds plus reps to get your total.  

Athletes can partner up and time each other if needed; if trainer decides to do it that way.

--Handstand holds (how many seconds you can hold a handstand...trainers, use a stopwatch)
--L-sits (how many seconds you can hold L-sit; stop watch timed)
--bar hangs (how many seconds you can hold onto the bar, stop watch timed)
--unbroken push-ups
--unbroken sit-ups
--max unbroken muscle-ups

0% 0%
1st427Ariel Wed,Jul 12,2017
2nd365Quimby Wed,Jul 12,2017
3rd236 s2Leila Wed,Jul 12,2017
1st828 Mark Wed,Jul 12,2017
2nd556 Colin Wed,Jul 12,2017
3rd387 Derek W Wed,Jul 12,2017

Enrique363  6:22 Skill (1 mile)
Cayla205  S1
Mike C357  6:25 mile
Leila236 s2  mile 12:16
Colin556 Rx 7:13 skill
Mark828 Rx 7:54 skill. 600 su/ 1 mu
Maegan W9:52 skill 289 Rx
Julie G365  Skill-11:29
Derek W387 Rx 7:35 Murph Mile. 133 Situps, 3 MU
Quimby365  7:37 mi, 155su, 9 pull ups no band,
Ariel427  7:58 Murph mile
Results Posted: 11
Mike C 9:50pm
Abs of steel, Szabo

Ariel 10:53pm
How many sit ups you end up doing Mark?? 💪😎

Mark 11:10pm
600 Ariel!! I'm soooore now tho!!