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Monday May 22,2017

Chipper: 14072 RXMetcon: New you class 16

14072 RX

Chipper: Time

Take some extra time to to warm up and acclimate to the movements.

Spicy Tuna
For time
40x Wall ball (20#)
30x Sumo deadlift high pull (95#/65#)
20x Box jumps (24 inch)
10x Pull-ups
50x Ab mat sit-ups
10x Pull-ups
20x Box jumps
30x Sumo deadlift high pull
40x Wall ball

20 wall ball shots
20 box jumps
10 ring rows/pull-ups
30 sit-ups
10 ring rows/pull-ups
15 box jumps
20 wall ball shots

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Zack12:52 Rx
Luke F11:59 Rx #145 skill
Bo19:43  S1
Ariel15:34 Rx 70# skill
Casey F16:46  55#/10 skill 60#
Rogan17:33 Rx
Tarrah18:33  S1, 55/10
Kimberly15:44 Rx PR, 65# Skill
Matt H17:06 Rx 95# strict press
Cherity18:21  S2
Derek W16:02 Rx
Ryan18:22 Rx Skill:135
Cathy18.03 65#/14# RR  Skill 85#
Crystal F18:29  s2 (45# / 8) skill 55#
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