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Monday Apr 17,2017

Happy Birthday Michael K
Welcome Mercedes & Penny & Tim & Camille & Crystal F
Metcon: 14120 RxMetcon: New you class1Other Posted Results

14120 Rx

Metcon: Time
Warm- up

Strict press
In 5 rounds find a new 3 rep max

3 rounds of
5 hspu
10 c2b pull-ups
15 wall balls 20/14
20 box jumps 24/20

100% 0%
TodayAll Time

Casey Mil12:35  Skill 115# WOD: Mod/Scale
Luke5:58 (First try 6:23) Rx #145
Colin7:35 Rx 155 skill
Chris M8:12 Rx 125# 3-rep shoulder press
Casey F11:47  S1 blubnd 60#skill
Ariel10:17 mod. C2B  75 push press
Rogan10:10 Rx 125# 3 rep press
Kimberly9:16  2 Mats skinny blue band; 75# skill
Crystal F9:55  Mod (Pike push ups, rings, step ups)
Derek W9:30 Rx
Cherity11:29  Modified Skill--60#
Tim14:27  Mod (band pull ups, step ups, pike push ups)
Camille14:14  Mod (pike push ups, rings, 10 wall balls, step ups)
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Ryan 8:15pm

Ryan 8:24pm

Mark 7:02am
Is there a 1230 class tomorrow ryan?

Ryan 7:13am
The 12:30 is on for regular members.

Mark 8:58am
Awesome. Thx

Ryan 4:07pm
Nice PR Chris Magel, Its still working! Both strength and met-con, great job.

Mark 6:16pm
Luke you stud. Did you get the 175 too?

Luke 7:44pm
No. I passed on the skill. Was pretty surprised to beat my WOD time...had a belly full of tacos. Lol. I went to support my wife's first WOD ever!! Good job Crystal and Andrea!!!