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Wednesday Apr 13,2016

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Metcon: Reps
Warm up:

500m row
40x Air squats
30x Sit-ups
20x Pushups
10x Pull-ups

AMRAP in 12mins.
5x Push press (135#/105#)
5x Dead lifts (135#/105#)
5x Bar facing burpees

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TodayAll Time

Dave DDnf  4:15 baseline
Chloe R S2 (baseline- 6:26)
Bo5:25 baseline  Band PU
Debbie14:57 Rx BL 4:57
Mike C16:40  Partner WOD; 4:40 baseline
Luke F3:47 Baseline Rx
Britney10  45# baseline: 5:41(mod push-ups, kip pull-ups)
Chris M10  115# - 4:10 baseline
Mark7+10  115#. 4:12 baseline. Didn't have the goods today.
Thomas4:17 baseline  16 something team workout
Boz6 + 14, S2  5:49 Bl w/Blkband, mod pu
ErickBL: 7:34  Purple Band pull-ups
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