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Monday Sep 29,2014


Metcon: Rounds

A. 15-minutes to work up to a heavy Squat Clean (this doesn't have to be a max...only 15 min!)

B. EMOM 12-minutes:
        2 Squat Cleans @ 70% of ''A''

THEN, Immediately go into...

    EMOM 8-minutes:
        10 KB Swings (45/25)
          5 Burpees

C. Mobility.

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Tarrah20 Rx Used a 30# KB
Thomas20 Rx 135 cleans
Brad W20 Rx
Mark20 Rx
Maria K20 Rx Squat Cleans @ 75 lbs. Rx
Shayna20 RX  26 lb kettle bell, 55lb clean
Dan19  30# KB
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