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Tuesday Apr 15,2014

Welcome Noelle
Chipper: Taxing ChipperMetcon: 17063

Taxing Chipper

Chipper: Time

WOD: Chipper
400m Run  
25x KB swings 53#/35#)
25x Shoulder to overhead (135#/95#)
25x SDHP  (95#/65#)  
3x Rope climbs
25x Dead lifts (225#/185#)
100x DUs
50x Ab mat sit-ups

In this work out you are only allowed one bar.  You need to set up you weights in the order that you are going to use them. Stripping and loading is part of this workout.

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Caressa17:27  55#push jerk, sdhp 35#, 3rope climbs from sitting, 100 singles
Ryan29:00 Rx
Noelle11:11  18lb kb,35lb shoulder press,18lb sdhp,scaled rope,35lbDL,100 singles.
Jillian D10:41  55#push jerk, , 3 rope climbs from sitting, 100 singles