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First off, thanks so much to Luke for bringing his screen and media gear to be able to view 17.1!

Also, a shout out and thanks to everyone who came, brought food, and just participated in the evening.

Tarrah and I felt that we all had good times despite Derek's injury and the gear malfunction.  (He's doing fine.)  We thought it would be fun to watch two of our own go head-to-head doing the wod.

FOR 17.2...  

In the spirit of watching our own do the wod right after the announcement, we're going to do that again...but with some small changes.

First off, there will be a 4:30 pm wod offered.  That wod will finish at 5:30.  We will watch the 17.2 announcement at 5:30; which is a slight delay of the live announcement, but we want to make it where people are able to get off work, finish their wod, and get their stuff together and come to the party.

Second, we have chosen four athletes to do the wod right after the announcement on display for CFN.  Kimberly Kimball, Seanna Dahl, Jillian Dilloway, and Ariel Phillips have agreed to give it a go!!

We'll be trying to run some other heats after this for those wanting to go after the girls.

Thridly, being that this is during the dinner hour, we want to do potluck again.  Thanks to everyone who brought food last week.


We would love for you to come Thursday night and just spectate and be part of this worldwide phenomenon.  Bring kids, family, friends!  You'll need to bring a folding chair.  

Also, we will be doing the 17.2 wod as our workout at every scheduled class on Friday.  Even if you're not 'doing the open,' we want you to come workout on Friday.

You'll be seeing 'open' workouts in our eveyday programming because they are great wods...don't be intimidated.


For those in the open, make sure to post your scores each week at  You must post your score by 5 pm each Monday.


We want to encourage everyone in the open to do it on Friday or Saturday.  Saturday's open wod timeline will work like this:  8:30, show up, start warming up.  9, review standards.  9:15, start wod.  9:30-9:45 wrap up.  

At 10, we'll have our normal Saturday wod.    

If you have extenuating circumstances that make it impossible for you to do the open wod on Friday or Saturday, you can make plans for Monday during normally scheduled class times.  You need to find someone with their judges course to judge you, and you need to get permission from the trainer to do the wod during the normally scheduled class times.  

See you in the box!!



The Open is the first stage of the CrossFit Games season and the largest community event of the year. Every year, hundreds of thousands of athletes from CrossFit boxes as well as garage athletes come together to compete in the worldwide, online competition.  

Five Weeks | Feb. 23 - March 27
17.1: Feb. 23 - 27
17.2: March 2 - 6
17.3: March 9 - 13
17.4: March 16 - 20
17.5: March 23 - 27

Registration for the Open begins Jan. 12, 2017.

Anyone aged 14 or older can compete in the Open. All you have to do is sign up at and log your score each week. Workouts are released on Thursdays at 5 p.m. PT, and athletes have four days to complete the workout for the week and submit their score. Scores are due before 5 p.m. PT the following Monday. Complete the workouts at a CrossFit affiliate with a judge, or film your effort from anywhere in the world and submit a link as proof.

Since 2015, the Open has offered a scaled option in addition to the prescribed workout. This option makes the all-inclusive event even more accessible to the masses.  

At the end of five weeks, the fittest move on to the next stages of competition: The Regionals and The Online Qualifier.  


There are t-shirts in the lounge, men's medium, large, and x-large.  They are $25 each.  You can leave money in the in-box of the lounge or write me a note to charge your account and leave that in the in-box.  We will be working on getting our new t-shirt design out soon!