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Increased fitness, lost pounds and inches, transformed eating habits...these are a few of the amazing results that have come out of CFN's second New You Challenge.

Many began; but less than half completed the challenge. But those who consistently put in the work at gym AND disciplined themselves in regards to their nutrition are enjoying the fruit of their labor.

Keep in mind, 6 weeks really isn't that long. But with the commitment these individuals exhibited; the results were fantastic. And these individuals are just getting started! Each one of them has signed on for regular membership at CrossFit Newport, so they will be getting stronger, fitter, and healthier as the months go forward.

Here's a few of their success stories. Read these, and give these folks a high five and a 'Well done!' next time you see them.

BROOKE BATES lost an amazing 12 total inches! She also lost 8.6 pounds and improved her baseline time by 4 min, 14 second.

DELINA JOHN cut a staggering 6 minutes, 40 seconds off her baseline time! She lost 11.2 pounds, and 2.75 inches overall.

ERIC GREENWALD dropped 22 pounds!! He also lost 5.5' overall and 2 minutes, 37 seconds of his baseline time.

REBEKAH BORDEN lost an incredible 13.25' overall. She dropped 11.4 pounds, and shaved 6 whole minutes off her baseline.

CAYLA RIPLEY reduced her body fat percentage by 7%! She lost 9 pounds, 5.5' overall, and shaved 2 minutes, 56 seconds off her baseline. She also told me she has crushed her caffeine habit. She said she drank energy drinks, coffee, and tea ALL DAY LONG. But since the challenge has almost completely given up on those and is drinking almost exclusively water. Fantastic!

CHAD HURLIMAN lost an amazing 14 pounds! He also lost 2.5' overall.

JULIE GARNER lost an incredible 9.75'' overall! She also lost 14.4 pounds and shaved 59 seconds from her baseline.


S.P.E.A.R. System (Spontaneous Protection Enabling Accelerated Response)

Classes will start Saturday May 6th at 12pm. Text to Derek Wallace at 541-961-7604 or Sign-up sheets will be at CrossFit Newport.  

SPEAR is a self defense program that was developed by Tony Blauer back in 1987. It is a personal defense system that is centered around the body's natural flinches and reactions to fear and violence, converting those reactions to efficient protective and tactical choices. This system is designed around human nature and behavior and doesn't rely on learned muscle movements or memorized skill sets, making it the simplest, most natural and instinctive way to protect yourself.

In the SPEAR Class you will:

- Learn Fear Management Skills that will help you during a violent encounter, as well as every day tasks.
- Learn to weaponize the human body by turning every day movements into strikes against your attacker.
- Do Drills  and run Scenarios to help reinforce SPEAR concepts and practice what you learn.
- Learn to read body language and detect/defuse danger before anything happens.
- Gain Confidence and get an awesome workout on top of it.

No prior experience is needed for SPEAR. This system can be used as a stepping stone for other methods of self-defense such as Krav Maga, Taekwondo, or Judo. Because the system is meant to be genetically wired and behaviorally inspired, anybody can learn it and everybody can do it.

Classes are taught first in a 3 hour Camp to cover the basic skills, followed by 1 hour classes with different scenario workouts to help refine those skills. More challenging Scenarios are provided as you become proficient.

Camp + 2x Classes:140$ then 80$/Month.

Camp: 80$

2x Classes: 80$/Month

Classes will start Saturday May 6th at 12pm.

Learn the skills you need to know but hope you never have to use. Sign-up sheets will be at CrossFit Newport or Text to Derek Wallace at 541-961-7604.

Part of the proceeds will go towards providing more equipment for the SPEAR Class.