About Us
Welcome to CrossFit Newport!  

Our goal is to provide clients with high intensity workouts with lots of variety.  We strive to create an atmosphere that is safe, fun, and full of camaraderie.  

We welcome athletes (and athlete-wanna-be's!) from every background and fitness level.  Every workout can be modified to suit where you are; with a vision toward your personal goals.  

Our athletes start with a group warm-up, then progress to a time of learning or practicing techniques to enhance skills.  From there, we do the daily group work-out, which we call a WOD, Workout of the Day.  The WOD is timed, and meant to be performed at your personal best pace possible.

If you're a Newport, Oregon resident, or if you live in the surrounding area, such as Toledo, Depot Bay, Lincoln City, Waldport, Siletz, Seal Rock, or Otter Rock, please stop by and check us out.  Your first workout is free!  Call for times.

If you're in the area visiting for work or vacation, we have great drop-in rates for a day or a week!


Hi!  I'm Tarrah Richardson.  My husband, Ryan Richardson, and I own CrossFit Newport.  

Ryan had been interested in CrossFit since 2008 when he began reading about it and doing CrossFit style workouts in our back yard.  He joined Helotes CrossFit, located in San Antonio, TX, in October of 2011.  He immediately started bugging me to join him.  He was hooked.  Ryan is a CrossFit Level 1 trainer.  

'I don't want to get all pumped up and super-muscley!' I told him.  'I need to do cardio, and maybe some swimming.'  He told me he liked strong, buff gals.  Also, his enthusiasm won me over.  I hadn't seen him so excited about something for a long time.  So I decided to give it a try.  And I loved it from the very beginning!  I became a CrossFit Level 1 trainer in June 2014.  

In the fall of last year, 2013, we decided to do a total life transformation.  We wanted to live coastal again, open a CrossFit box, and Ryan wanted to train.  We always dreamed of living on the Oregon coast.  Ryan's Mom and Step Dad helped us and encouraged us to go for it.  We came on a trip to coastal Oregon in October of 2013 to see where there wasn't a CrossFit and where one might do well.  We fell in love with Newport.  

So thanks to God's grace and provision, here we are!  We hope you become hooked on CrossFit too.  We want to be a community of friends that encourage one another to reach for goals, work hard, and are better able to handle the things that life brings our way.