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SPEAR Class: Saturday, April 22nd at 2:30 pm

Sign up for SPEAR Self-Defense Class by texting Derek at 541-961-7604.

SPEAR is a system that utilizes your body's instincts and natural flinches to fear and violence and converts them into effcient, protective, or tactical choices.  

The course is designed to use movements that are already in daily life, so it is quick to learn and provides the skills you will be glad to have but hope to never have to use.

This course is not only a great skill set to have in case of situations you hope never happen; but the course itself is really fun!


CFN will start our 2nd New You Challenge on Monday, April 17.  This is a 6 week program specifically designed for those who haven't exercised for a very long time; or are maybe are a bit intimidated to 'just start CrossFitting.'  The program is designed to be challenging; but at the same time appropriate for folks who need to 'ease into it.'

Maybe you have a friend or family member who could greatly benefit from functional fitness becoming part of their lifestyle; as well as a comprehensive nutrition program that  will give them meal plans, recipes, and shopping lists.  Last time, this group bonded and a unit; and encouraged one another greatly.  

The ladies who saw the program through to the end last time saw FANTASTIC results...decreased body fat, increased cardiovascular capacity, increased strength, reduction of insulin meds....these are a few of the results the committed individuals enjoyed.

This challenge will be co-ed; so guys are welcome too!

Starting tomorrow, Monday, April 3, all the way through Friday, April 14, we will be doing interviews with potential clients who are interested in taking advantage of this special program.  This interview is in order to explain the program, and get to know a little bit about the goals and obstacles these potential clients have.

If you have a friend or loved one who would be interested, have them give me or Ryan a call or text.

Tarrah 541-961-9936
Ryan 541-961 9639

We are hoping to bring the benefits of intentional nutrition combined with functional fitness to a whole new group of Lincoln County residents.


Whole 30 is essentially a strict paleo eating plan designed with the purpose of detoxing from inflammation-causing and allergy associated foods. The concept is that you eat strict paleo (no cheating whatsoever) for 30 days to reset your system. At the end of the 30 days, you slowly reintroduce certain types of food into your diet and see how your body responds. You might find you feel better or perform better without certain stuff in your diet.

Being paleo, this diet has no grain, sugar, or diary. But it's strict paleo, so it also has no legumes, no recipes that mimic bready foods (no paleo pancakes or the like,) no alcohol. The no sugar part is truly no honey, no stevia, no maple syrup.
If you're interested and want more info, go to and read up. Ariel also recommended buying the Whole 30 Book and companion cookbook. I think the book is around $14 on Amazon.

Join the CFN Whole30 Facebook page to share recipes, encouragement, and more.