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OLY CLASS:  SEPT 14  We'll begin a new cycle on Monday, September 14.  Class will follow the Outlaw format like last time.  Maxes will be recorded on the first night and compared to progress on the last night.  OLY will be Monday nights from 6:30 pm to 8 pm for 6 weeks.  The last class in this cycle will be Monday, Oct. 19.  More detailed info below.

CALAPOOIA FUNCTION FITNESS INVITATIONAL:  SEPT 19  Check the board under the announcement section to sign up for the Calapooia Functional Fitness Event. Mark your calendar for Saturday, September 19, 2015. This event is all about having fun and is a great way to ease into the idea of possibly competing in the future. It is also a great way to meet and mingle with other boxes and athletes. CFN wants to represent for real this year so please sign up and join the fun! The cost is free, FREE, FREE! (However, this year they are suggesting athletes make a $15 donation to the Cpl. Keaton G. Coffey Memorial Fund, or purchase a t-shirt to show support.)
If you would like to take a peek at the WODs they have planned out for this event visit: and click on the EVENTS page.


CrossFit Swim was fun and effective!  We had 12 different athletes that participated.  The class was held both at the Olalla Lake in Toledo and at the swimming pool here in Newport.  It was fun meeting somewhere different.  We enjoyed the gorgeous scenery and weather out at Olalla.  The pool was enjoyable as well because we were able to take advantage of a different environment and style of workout than we're used to.

One really cool thing was that we did a baseline workout the first time we met at Olalla and did that same workout our second to last meeting.  Almost every single one of us shaved time off from the first workout to the last.  Here's the results, first workout listed first; last listed second:

Emily:  24:46, 23:47
Britney:  23:15, 24:05
Mark:  22:15, 21:45
Tarrah:  29:06, 28:08
Mike:  20:17, 19:25
Caitlyn:  19:50, 18:00
Ryan:  23:17, 20:05
Kimberly:  23:28, 21:30

Good job, guys!  And thanks to Caitlyn who shared her swim expertise and helped us work on our strokes.  Let's definitely do this again!!


A new 6 series class focused on Olympic Lifting will start on Monday, Sept. 14.  The class will start at 6:30 pm and usually be over by 8 pm.  It will be held 6 Mondays in a row and will end on Oct. 19.  

This class will follow the Outlaw Barbell format again.  We will be doing maxes on the first and last class (like last time) so you will be able to have quantifiable evidence to compare your beginning maxes to the maxes you are able to achieve at the end of the series.

Last time we did OLY class, almost all the participants enjoyed increasing maxes.  It truly pays off to invest the time to refine technique and form.  The main reason many people enjoy the OLY classes is that it gives us the time to just lift...unrushed, focused only on lifting.  Often in the WODs, we are in a time-driven mentality which dominates our performance.  In OLY, it's about quality of the lifts and focusing on the execution.

There is no additional cost for attending OLY class; but these do count toward your membership level.  So if you're a 3x member, and want to do OLY, you either need to up it to Unlimited, or not attend one of your normal WOD times.  We recommend uping your membership.

Also, please let Ryan know you plan on doing OLY.  We only want you to sign up if you can commit to attending all 6 classes.

To your health,