Latest News
EVERYDAY WARRIOR  Our box is participating in the Everyday Warrior 2015 Battle Series.  This is a 4 week online CrossFit Competition with prizes.  The cost is $60; and those proceeds go to help CrossFitters with medical bills due to cancer treatment.  This inspirational workout series is an awesome demonstration of the CrossFit community coming together to help each other with real needs.  More info on the announcement board.

HOLIDAY CLASSES  We will be having limited classes around Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's.

This is our tentative schedule during the holidays and is SUBJECT TO CHANGE, so as always, SIGN UP FOR CLASSES because the website signup member schedule will contain accurate info during those weeks.

DURING THANKSGIVING WEEK:  Normal classes except--

Wed, Nov 25:  We will have 5:30 am and 9 am.  No noon, no 4:30 or 5:30 pm.
Thurs, Nov 26:  No classes at all.
Friday, Nov 27:  Only one class today at 10 am.
Sat, Nov 28:  No classes at all.


Mon, Dec 21:  5:30 am and 5:30 pm ONLY
Tues, Dec 22:  9 am ONLY
Wed, Dec 23:  5:30 pm ONLY
Thurs, Dec 24:  10 am ONLY, WOD will be 12 Days of Christmas
Fri, Dec 25:  No classes at all.
Sat, Dec 26:  No classes at all.


Mon, Dec 28:  5:30 am and 5:30 pm ONLY
Tues, Dec 29:  9 am ONLY
Wed, Dec 30:  5:30 pm ONLY
Thurs, Dec 31:  10 am ONLY
Fri, Jan 1:  No classes at all.
Sat, Jan 2:  No classes at all.

EATING FOR PHENOMENAL PERFORMANCE  Not sure if we're sticking with this name for our next healthy eating challenge.  Casey just posted a really insightful report on the announcement board from the CrossFit main site about how dieting in the traditional sense is fraught with failure, which most of us have experienced at least once or probably many times.  

The more intelligent approach is to work toward a sustainable approach to eating that reduces grains and sugars (especially refined grain and sugar,) and incorporates more vegetables, diverse animal protein, and healthy fats.  Yes, we can loose excess body fat with drastic diets that are super-restrictive; but hardly anyone can maintain those type of diets.  (Side note:  There are many who do just fine with some grain in their diets, by the way.)

What I have in mind is a 6 week period where we can come together in a 'Supper Club' format taking turns visiting each other's homes.  One home per week.  You can volunteer to open your home and share your healthy eating tips; or you can just do one or the other.  I'd like to start mid January.  

If you are interested in being part of this, let me know.  I think it will be fun as well as a great opportunity to share all kinds of plans and practices that will encourage us to cook healthier, eat out less, eat nutrient dense food (and get the kids to do so too!), and eliminate some of the a balanced, realistic way that can be sustained long term.