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This supper-club nutrition series is an opportunity to focus on making lasting, realistic, and truly doable improvements in our diets that will result in increased energy, decreased body fat, and better performance in life and in the box. These kind of small (less drastic) habit-based changes will also help our kids and loved ones have better health.

CF Supper Club will be an opportunity to get together and share tips, tricks, and recipes to this end. If you are interested in hosting an evening of CF Supper Club, please make a sign up sheet and put it on the fridge in the lounge. (SIDE NOTE The lounge is what I'm calling the room with the kitchen table and the fridge...I'm calling the upstairs 'the loft.')

Here's what to put on your sign up sheet:

1. Your name, address, and phone number
2. What day/time you want to host (a brunch might be fun!)
3. Theme (if any...someone mentioned they want to do a Mexican theme at theirs)
4. Whether you want to do pot-luck style or you make and serve it all
5. Sign up lines on the sheet with lines for the maximum number of guests you'd like to host. For instance, I don't want more than 12 coming to my house due to size, so I'll put 12 lines on the sign-up so I don't get more than that showing up at my house.

I think this will be fun and cause us to better pursue healthy eating. You can lead a discussion, if you'd like, or just have it be casual, and guests can share health eating tips. Let's focus on increasing veggies and protein, and decreasing processed food/sugar/refined carbs.


Ryan and I are super excited about this!!! CF Power Valley in Albany is hosting this event at the Casino in Lincoln City. I WOULD LOVE to have every single member of CFN who is willing and able to show up and either participate or cheer our teams on.

This is practically our home turf...we gotta represent!

Here's the info from their facebook page, which is where you link to sign up:

CrossFit Power Valley presents the 1st Pacific Coast Beach Front Battle at Chinook Winds Casino and Resort. This is a same sex team event with both Rx and scaled divisions. Expect classic CrossFit workouts, benchmark WODs and challenging events. We will have CF Level 1 certified Judges for each team, balanced programming, dozens of vendors, room for spectators, bodybuilding going on downstairs and it's at the Casino! This event is going to be the first of it's kind and we look forward to seeing you all there. Find a partner and get signed up.  
*Limited to 10 MM and 10 FF Rx teams and 15 MM and 15 FF teams. First come first serve.